What is Rachel's Vineyard?

The Rachel’s Vineyard is a ministry for healing the hearts of those who are post abortive or have been closely connected to someone who is. Our weekend retreats offer a unique sensory based treatment which integrates emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions. The healing journey uses creative “Living Scripture Exercises” which engage the mind, body and soul. The Living Scriptures coupled with group activities, therapeutic facilitation, cognitive restructuring and discussion offers an effective process for grief work grounded in biblical principles. This unique program provides a safe and effective recovery process for victims of post abortion trauma and those who have spent years in talk therapy but who still struggle to move beyond their traumatic experience.

Founded in 1994 by Theresa Burke, Ph. D., the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat model has spread to 48 states, 35 and offered in 15 languages. Our Detroit chapters offer both English and Spanish retreats. The Rachel’s Vineyard retreat process is first and foremost a journey where one uncovers their true feelings about their abortion experience. Only then will they be able to connect to their aborted child and release the pain, anger, grief and unforgiveness that weighs them down. All of the psychological and spiritual activities are at the service of this goal. We do not desire to convert participants, but to release, renew and restore the brokenness in their hearts. Therefore most, regardless of their religious preference or personal beliefs find the setting reasonably comfortable.

The Team

Each retreat team will include one mental health professional and one member of clergy. The ideal size for each retreat is 10 participants and 6 team members.  Team members are past Rachel’s Vineyard participants. Having gone through the healing process themselves they are uniquely gifted walk the journey with you.