The weekend format (Friday afternoon-Sunday afternoon) provides an uninterrupted process for grief work. We have found this to be exceptionally effective for a number of reasons. The weekend fits into the schedules of busy people and therefore does not require a commitment spanning over a number of weeks which can be difficult for those with family and work commitments. Moreover, there are numerous advantages which will result from grief work without distractions or interruptions from one’s work, family life and relationships. It is easier for many individuals to enter the grieving process knowing they don’t have to stop it after two hours and return to home or work. Emotional support, counseling, encouragement and prayer are available for all participants day and night throughout the duration of the weekend. This kind of continual ongoing support and encouragement is what helps a person complete the necessary work of grief.


  • $150.00

  • Scholarships  Available

  • Deposit due at time of registration

*No one is turned away due to lack of funds. Scholarships are available.


Friday, October 22nd -

Sunday, October 24th


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Our retreats are located in the metro Detroit area. We keep the exact location confidential until registration and  phone interview have been completed.